ISODEA 1 & 2

Scanned and xerox photographs, fountain pen, letteret and silver paper


The eight pieces of Vanishing/Axis are essays about light and gravity. The first layers are clippings from the magazine "Arquitectura México", from issues published between 1950-1955. Said cuts are arranged by what is interpreted subjectively as the dialogue generated between the heavyweight (stone or concrete) and the lightweight (empty spaces and/or concentrations of light). The following layers of colored paper in a limited palette and elemental geometric shapes function as instructions for use. They also look to harmonize and homogenize the landscape, as probably the internationalists attempted to do in the mid-20th century. Vanishing/Axis is, as a whole, a whimsical juxtaposition between color and shape to create the sensation of movement and dynamism in space. Many of these spaces, projected with habitability as one of their main features, no longer exist. The pieces from "Vanishing / Axis" were exhibited at Mi-so Berlin, from February to June 2023.

10TH 1 & 10TH 2

Screen prints, 10 copies each


Navigation techniques, represented with magazine clippings and tape.


Magazine clippings, photo/xerox, and tape